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With its recent surge in popularity, most women have now at least heard of vaginal rejuvenation surgery.随着最近的流行,大多数女性现在至少听说过阴道回春术。 However, you may still have questions about why it's done, how it works, and what results are possible.但是,您可能仍然对为什么执行,如何工作以及可能取得的结果有疑问。 The exceptional team at SSK Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi, understands the personal nature of intimate cosmetic surgery and is committed to providing discreet, comfortable, and effective care for women seeking vaginal rejuvenation in Orange County.由董事会认证的纽波特比奇整形外科医师Sean Kelishadi博士领导的SSK整形外科卓越团队了解私密整容手术的个性,致力于为奥兰治县寻求阴道复兴的女性提供谨慎,舒适和有效的护理。 Get the answers to all of your questions about one of the most popular vaginal cosmetic surgeries:获取有关最流行的阴道美容手术之一的所有问题的答案: 阴唇整型术.



Labiaplasty is a precise and delicate vaginal rejuvenation procedure designed to alter the size, shape, or other characteristics of the labia minora, or vaginal lips.阴唇成形术是一种精确而精致的阴道嫩肤程序,旨在改变小阴唇或阴道嘴唇的大小,形状或其他特征。 Most often, labiaplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons, though there are a variety of potential functional and medical benefits as well.尽管有多种潜在的功能和医学益处,但通常出于美容原因进行阴唇成形术。


The primary purpose of labiaplasty is to enhance the appearance and/or function of the labia minora.阴唇成形术的主要目的是增强小阴唇的外观和/或功能。 This typically involves reducing the length or overall size of the vaginal lips through skin excision.这通常涉及通过皮肤切除来减少阴道嘴唇的长度或整体大小。 Additional cosmetic concerns that can be addressed or corrected with labiaplasty include asymmetry, hyperpigmentation, and shape.阴唇成形术可以解决或纠正的其他美容问题包括不对称,色素沉着和形状。


Labiaplasty surgery is generally an elective procedure rather than a necessity.唇唇整形手术通常是选择性的手术,而不是必要的手术。 Women who are simply unsatisfied with the overall appearance of their vagina can certainly benefit from labiaplasty.完全不满意其阴道整体外观的女性当然可以从阴唇成形术中受益。 Additionally, women with significantly long labia – a condition known as LMH (labia minora hypertrophy) – are fantastic candidates for the procedure.此外,阴唇明显长的妇女-一种称为LMH(小阴唇肥大)的疾病-是该手术的理想人选。 Hanging, stretched out labia can also develop over time as a result of vaginal childbirth and the aging process.随着时间的流逝,阴道分娩和衰老过程也可能导致垂悬,伸直的阴唇逐渐发展。 Some of the most common signs and symptoms that may mean Newport Beach labiaplasty is right for you include:可能意味着纽波特海滩阴唇成形术最适合您的一些最常见的体征和症状包括:

  • 性不适
  • 性交后外阴疼痛流泪或流血
  • 反复感染
  • 坐着不舒服
  • 穿着紧身衣不舒服
  • 对您在紧身裤,泳衣和其他紧身衣服中的出现不满意
  • 自卑
  • 性行为中的自我意识
  • 可见不对称


In most cases, labiaplasty on its own can be performed while the patient is under local anesthesia, significantly cutting down on surgical costs and recovery time.在大多数情况下,可以在患者处于局部麻醉状态下自行进行阴唇成形术,从而大大降低了手术成本和恢复时间。 When combined with additional procedures, as in the case of a与其他程序结合使用时,例如 妈妈改头换面,可能需要全身麻醉。

During labiaplasty in Newport Beach, Dr. Kelishadi will use the surgical approach that best fits each patient's needs, goals, and anatomy.在纽波特海滩(Newport Beach)进行阴唇成形术期间,Kelishadi博士将采用最适合每个患者需求,目标和解剖结构的手术方法。 Two of the most common techniques for labiaplasty are the wedge incision, which maintains the natural edges of the labia, and the edge incision, which trims the skin of the edges themselves.阴唇成形术中最常用的两种技术是楔形切口(可保持阴唇的自然边缘)和边缘切口(可修整边缘本身的皮肤)。 In either case, Dr. Kelishadi takes great care to place incisions where they can be concealed within the natural lines and creases of the body.无论哪种情况,Kelishadi博士都非常注意将切口隐藏在身体的自然线条和折痕中。 For the majority of patients, any scarring is virtually invisible following recovery and healing.对于大多数患者,恢复和治愈后几乎看不见任何疤痕。


A common question regarding labiaplasty surgery is how it will affect the woman's sexual sensation.关于阴唇整形手术的一个常见问题是它将如何影响女性的性感觉。 Fortunately, labiaplasty does not involve the clitoris, meaning sexual sensation will remain intact.幸运的是,阴唇成形术不涉及阴蒂,这意味着性感觉将保持完整。 Choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon to perform your labiaplasty is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure a safe, successful procedure and minimize the risk of surgical error, which could negatively affect your sexual sensation.选择一个熟练且经验丰富的外科医生进行阴唇成形术是确保安全,成功的手术并最大程度降低手术失误风险的最关键步骤之一,这可能会对您的性感觉造成负面影响。




Following postoperative guidelines is essential for complete and proper healing after labiaplasty.遵循术后指导原则对于阴唇成形术后的完整和正确愈合至关重要。 Patients are typically encouraged to refrain from sex and tampon use for at least 4 – 6 weeks after labiaplasty or until cleared by Dr. Kelishadi.通常鼓励患者在阴唇成形术后至少XNUMX至XNUMX周内或直到被Kelishadi博士清除之前,避免性行为和使用卫生棉条。 Resuming sexual activity too soon after labiaplasty can cause complications and/or compromise your results.阴唇成形术后过早恢复性活动可能会导致并发症和/或损害您的结果。


Every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin, especially in the bedroom.每个女人都应该对自己的皮肤感到自信和舒适,尤其是在卧室里。 If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your vagina, or if you are having frustrating functional symptoms related to your labia, you may be a fantastic candidate for labiaplasty surgery.如果您对阴道的外观有自觉性,或者您有与阴唇有关的令人沮丧的功能性症状,那么您可能是阴唇整形手术的理想人选。 Call the welcoming team at SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach to schedule your private in-office or online consultation with award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi today, and take the first step toward feeling like the woman you were meant to be!致电纽波特海滩SSK整形外科的热情团队,安排今天与屡获殊荣的董事会认证的整形外科医生Sean Kelishadi博士安排私人办公室或在线咨询,并迈出第一步,朝着想要成为那个女人的目标迈进是!

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